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What Is Innovative Learning ?

The nature of this century strongly calls for non-traditional thinkers who are characterized by high skills, agility and flexibility: It is the era of creativity! Therefore, the interest in improving and developing students’ higher order thinking skills in all grade levels has recently increased. In order to reach this goal, it is only normal to diversify and develop modern teaching strategies, adopt a dynamic classroom management style that suits our needs, and keep all aligned with morals and educational values. Hence, we present the Innovative Learning service. The Innovative Learning service aims to build and improve the educational practices of the teacher in the classroom, in four main areas:
  • Classroom Management
  • Active Learning Strategies
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Pedagogical Teacher

What Are The School Benefits?

  • Build and develop instructional practices and adopt them inside the classroom
  • Promote a supportive environment for teacher’s continuous professional development
  • Raise the level of critical thinking and creativity of teachers and learners
  • Create lessons that promote learning in the emotional, behavioral and intellectual domains
  • Enable teachers to reflect on their teaching practices
  • Activate the role of the pedagogical teacher

How Does AJWAD Achieve It?

Teachers are trained to gain the knowledge and skills required in each area. The training also aims to adjust teachers’ attitudes to adopt appropriate educational, moral and teaching concepts. Furthermore, AJWAD team will follow up on the teachers on the ground using the coaching method.