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Whole School Approach

Whole School Approach is an integrated set of steps that consist of evaluation, analysis and a well-organized strategic plan, both short and long term.

School Management System

"DARS" is a user-friendly software that provides flexibility and proficiency in completing multiple tasks.

Active Learning Strategies

Knowing about knowing is no longer sufficient to succeed in a global society characterized by complexity in life.

Innovative Learning

The nature of this century strongly calls for   non - traditional thinkers who   are characterized by high skills, agility and flexibility

SHR Assistance

One of the basic requirements of a school is finding highly qualified teachers, experts in their subject matters.

Training & Capacity Building

AJWAD offers various integrated training and workshop packages in teaching methods, classroom management.

EdTech Educational Tools

Educational technology has been growing over the past decade and has become an integral part of society.

Business Process Model & Notation

Business Process Modeling is a method used for improving organizational efficiency and quality.