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All About Ajwad

Who Are We?

As a non-profit organization, AJWAD devotes itself to develop schools following a comprehensive whole school approach. We offer our experience and services to administrative and educational departments so they achieve quality education and the ability to compete on a global level. From Tripoli-Lebanon with the support of local businessmen who believe that community advancement can only happen through enhancing the educational institutes, we reach out to the Middle East region, where schools deserve a continuous supporter and promoter.

What Is Our Mission?

Our mission is to create administrative, pedagogical, and educational systems for the Middle-Eastern schools that enable them to produce highly qualified, globally competitive generations.

What Is Our Vision?

Our vision is that Middle-Eastern schools become pioneers and provide inspiration to others around the world through their teachings and values.

What Are Our Values?

At Ajwad, we are committed to a set of core values that define who we are, how we work, and what we believe in. Our values are : PROFESSIONALISM, TRANSPARENCY, MOTIVATION, INNOVATION and ADVANCEMENT.